About the CEEDA study › How are case studies selected and developed?

CEEDA case studies have been compiled from two groups: one group are taken from the universities highlighted in the 2018 MIT report1 on the global state of the art in engineering education as global or emerging leaders in the sector; and one group are identified by thought leaders in engineering education and educational technology as exemplifying best practice in collaborative online learning from anywhere in the world.  

Case studies are built from semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders to both the activity/course under examination, and the engineering education programs as a whole. 

Interviewees include university/school leaders, faculty, teaching assistants, students, and other internal and external collaborators. 

Case studies are developed and documented by the project lead, with host institutions given the opportunity to correct any inaccuracies or omissions.

[1] Graham, R. (2018). The global state of the art in engineering education. MIT Report, Massachusetts, USA.