What is CEEDA?

The Collaborative Engineering Education in the Digital Age website showcases examples of global best practice in collaborative and/or project-based engineering learning that are partially or wholly delivered online.  It forms one element of a wider study looking at the lessons learnt from the current period of ‘emergency teaching’ and how this might impact the trajectory of engineering education in the future. 

remote students connected to university teachers for an online engineering activity

Latest CEEDA case studies


April 2021

Part A. Best Practice Activity
Design Challenge One

Design Challenge One builds peer-learning and connectivity amongst students that have not met before face-to-face.

Hands-on, experiential learning has been a major priority at MIT during the period of emergency teaching.

Aalborg University, Denmark

March 2021

Part A. Best Practice Activity
Giraf Project

The full cohort of 60 students must self-organise and work together to develop an app for autistic children.

A major focus is to progressively expose students to projects of increasing complexity and interdisciplinarity.


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